Best Lingerie for Your Body Type

Lingerie is an exciting self-indulgence that can boost both your confidence and your love life. A good lingerie set will make you feel happy, good and confident. It is important to think of your body type when choosing lingerie, and it’s important to choose items that fit you and feel right.

It’s not easy to understand what your body type is but we break down some of the rules and descriptions to help you find you make the most of your figure.


Dita Von Teese

As a rule of thumb, 32-24-36 is the measurement of an hourglass figure. An hourglass will generally have shoulders and hips that line up and a slender waist with a well-endowed bust. The aims of dressing this shape is to pay equal attention to the top and the bottom of the body, showing off the narrow waistline. Think of the old film stars like Marilyn Monroe or modern pin-ups like Scarlett Johansson with their tiny waist.

What lingerie should you choose: Most lingerie types looks amazing on this body type it all depends on your breast size and what suits you. A corset will enhance your tiny waist and a high panty leg will make your legs look longer.

Pear Shaped


Pear-shaped simply means that your hips are broader than your shoulders and often means you will have a small cup size. The key to finding the right style is to balance and proportion the top and bottom half of the bottom, making sure you don’t look too bottom heavy.  If your hips are more than 5% bigger than your shoulders or bust, you are definitely pear-shaped. Think women like Rihanna, Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez with their small waists and defined booty’s.

 What lingerie should you choose: The attention for this body type will inevitably be at the hips, how you use this is up to you. If you’re uncomfortable with your proportions try choosing items that draw attention away from your hips. Try lacey negligee that is flowing and tighter around the breast area, this will help even out proportions. Bustiers will help distribute the attention and eye and will enhance your breasts. Buying underwear with ruffles on the bra will make your breasts look enhances and will proportionately distribute the attention. Bandeau bras are a great and sportier option because they are so straight it will make your shoulders and hips look the same size.


Anne Hathaway

Rectangular women are women whose bodies are straight with no defined curve. Your hips, shoulders and bust will all be in line with no definitive waistline. Rectangular bodies tend to lean toward being tall and lean, often described as being straight up and down. This is a great body type and celebrities like Keira Knightley, Gwyneth Paltrow and Anne Hathaway make great fashion choices with this coveted figure.

What lingerie should you choose: Try and find items that enhance and cinch the waist like corsets, this will add curves to your body. If you have a lengthier body with a long, straight torso break it up with garter belts and teddy’s. Use strong blocks of color to help define the body, don’t be afraid to choose separates that don’t match as it will break up the gaze. Halter neck garments will give the appearance of a bigger bust.

Inverted Triangle

Women with inverted triangular shaped bodies have wide shoulders and busts but thin hips and no definition around the waist. The goal when dressing this shape should be softening the shoulder line, drawing attention to the legs and defining the waistline.  Celebrities with this body shape include Demi Moore, Naomi Campbell and Teri Hatcher.

Naomi CampbellWhat lingerie should you choose: Choose lingerie with halter necks, it will help even out your proportions and trick the eye. If you have a flatter bottom pick a teddy because it will distribute the attention equally. Go with matching cami sets that help break up your shape. Create vertical lines by picking garments with vertical prints. Wear a dark color on top to make it look slimmer.


Kate UptonWomen with a round body shape are rounded near the waist, which leaves little or no definition.  Your torso and upper body will be wider than your hips. Kate Upton, Drew Barrymore and Catherine Zeta Jones all have apple-shaped bodies.

What lingerie should you choose: Negligee’s are very flattering as they will cover your waistline and define the bust. Choose a garment that is taunt at the bust and flows from under the bust line.  Women who carry their weight around their tummies and waists will look good in plunge neck bodysuits because they elongate the torso and draw attention to the cleavage.

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