How to Incorporate Lingerie into your Outwear Wardrobe

Wearing lingerie as outerwear has been a popular trend for the last few years, championed by the likes of Rihanna, Kim Kardashian and  Ariana Grande. It’s easy to understand why it was such a popular trend, women spend a fortune on beautiful undergarments so it seems logical that they want to see it.

The trend can be done minimally with a lace trim of a bra visible at the top of a garment or see through a sheer shirt, or a bra can be worn alone with jeans and bomber jacket. The key to acing this trend is to layer garments and play around with textures.

How to Wear a Bodysuit

Shanina Shaik bodysuitHip Hop girls have been wearing bodysuits for years but there are more wear than teaming it with a dance-ready wardrobe or with low-slung tracksuit pants.

Bodysuits can be ladylike. They really enhance a silhouette when worn under a sheer dress and is a very modern update on a cocktail dress. If you do choose to wear bodysuits try and avoid sporty accessories to stop it going into gym wear territory. Avoid patterned bodysuits and stick to monochrome, keep it sleek and simple.

If are going to choose a lace bodysuit buy one that already covers up your sensitive parts, try and choose garments with cup lining as the extra lining will keep your modesty intact. Lace bodysuits look great when paired with jeans or combat trousers.

 How to Wear a  Corset

Charlotte McKinney wearing a corsetWhen you think about corsets you’re likely to think about Moulin Rouge and Dita Von Teese but actually, corsets can be worn as a belt or over a shirt. They can look chic and edgy when styled right, not just for boudoir and burlesque Try a black monochrome corset over a crisp white shirt for a modern yet chic business look.

Fashion editors have been obsessed with wearing structured bodices over voluminous shapes for the last few seasons. Pick a big oversized shirt or sweater to offset the sexiness of the corset, playing with volume makes this feel less bedroom and more high fashion.  Corset aren’t just the highly structured  over-bust pieces we all think of but there are many versions, a lighter cotton corset has all the drama but can be easily incorporated into summer dresses, corseted belts can cinch the waist and be worn around trench coats for an exaggerated silhouette and corset influenced bralettes are perfect for festival season.

How to Wear a Bralette

Cara Delevigne and Kendall Jenner in bralettesA bralette is somewhere between a crop top and a bra, it’s not quite a lace bra but it’s more feminine than a sports bra. Bralettes can be worn in a multitude of ways; from under sheer tops, under backless tops or dresses and broad front or neck outfits. If you’re the sporty type replace your sports bra for a lacy bralette when wearing a racerback vest top.

Bralettes look great worn alone with high waisted jeans and pencil skirts, under a sheer or knitted top or layered under knitwear and jackets.

How to Reverse Layer

It’s not for everyone, but take the bra-on-show trend to the next editorial level and wear it over your top. It’s daring and will turn head but it’s a grown-up take on the trend that won’t leave you feeling overexposed. The best reverse layered looks are so seamless it will look your bra is sewn into your shirt.Kendall Jenner

Choose a pretty and delicate lacey number that deserves to be seen and wear it over a boyish shirt with casual jeans. The t-shirt should be close fitting and plain as you want the bra to be the star of the outfit. Make sure you keep the rest of the look minimal.

Triangle bras with narrow straps are the most flattering to choose for this look but bralettes can also appear chic.

 How to Wear Slip Dresses

The slip dress has been a staple in many fashionista’s wardrobes for a while now, originally a nightwear option it’s become more and more normal to wear during the day. It can be worn alone, slipped over a tee or worn

Miley Cyrus in a slip dress

under slouchy knitwear.

Not just for summer slip dresses can be worn in the colder months when layered. Wear the slip over a turtleneck, whether they’re made from chunky knit or breathable cotton. Try wearing a button down underneath your slip dress, despite being very different styles the two garments can work seamlessly together. If you’re worried a slip is too night-time add boots instead of heels to toughen it up.

If hosiery or tights are too predictable slip the dress over jeans, don’t be afraid to tie the dress up to reveal the waistband or wear a t-shirt underneath for an expected yet chic look.

Tips To Making This Trend Work

  • Visualize the silhouette you want to create, do you want the lingerie to look sporty, vampy or structured?
  • Pick one piece of lingerie and make that a focal piece. Keep your look simple and don’t add too many key elements to the look or it will become cluttered.
  • Have fun with fabrics and textures. Play with opacity by teaming sheer blouses with dark bras, hiding structured bralettes under fluffy cardigans or teaming mesh with tulle.
  • Never stop being comfortable. Wearing lingerie as outwear doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice modesty of comfort. Wear whatever makes you feel confident from a tiny peek of a bra under a sheer shirt or wearing nothing but a bralette with a pencil skirt during a night out.
  • Be careful accessorizing, because this is such a bold trend too much jewellery or accessories can take the look into a trashy, sexy territory.
  • This trend is more than just bras, try corsets, bustier tops and bralettes which will create interesting shapes. Mix these with your wardrobe staples like jeans, boots and plain t-shirts.
  • If you are concerned about modesty invest in nipple covers or pasties, this will stop your nipples being exposed.

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