Products to Spice Up Your Love Life

If you have been in a relationship for a long time, you may find that things have slowed down a bit in the bedroom. Now we all know money can’t buy us love, but it can buy products that can heat things up in the bedroom. Here are some you might consider purchasing.

Toys: If your sex life seems routine, toys can be a great way to spice things up. You can use them to find new positions, live out fantasies and experience feelings you have never felt before. Learning new things together can also increase feelings of intimacy.

Buy Sexy Lingerie: Not only will lingerie spice things up in the bedroom, it will let your partner know you care enough to make an extra effort. Erotic lingerie can include pieces like one piece lingerie, babydoll lingerie and teddy lingerie. Find out which works best in taking your love life to the next level.

Massage Oil: Not only does a massage provide a sensual experience that can be arousing, it increases blood circulation intensifying feelings of pleasure. Invest in a massage oil to make for some terrific foreplay that will lead to even better sex.

Body massagers are also examples of products that are perfect for getting you in the mood.

Perfumes and Scented Candles: It may come as no surprise that men become aroused by scents that are linked to their favorite foods. Vanilla, doughnuts, black licorice, pumpkin pie, orange, popcorn and chocolate are just some examples of scents that are sure to turn him on.

If you enjoy wearing perfume, think of investing in one that incorporates these aromas. If you don’t like wearing perfume, a scented candle in your bedroom will also do the trick.

Sexy Games: There are games you and your lover can play that will get both of you trying to one up each other when it comes to sexy challenges. The Bedroom Battle Card Game is one example of a game that will get both of you excited.

Alternately, you can opt for Kama Sutra playing cards. Pick one to decide what position you will be getting in tonight.

Yes, money can’t buy you love, but it can buy the products that will put some excitement in your sex life. What’s more, they are a lot cheaper than therapy! What do you do to spice things up in the bedroom?

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