Spooky Lingerie.

Its Halloween season, aka spooky season, aka tons of parties and late-night horror movie binging season. The season where we can all be happy because who doesn’t love Halloween, seriously who doesn’t? it should be a national offense. In honor of this spooky season here are a few Halloween costume ideas that you can incorporate your lingerie into. This means whether you are buying lingerie in Canada in stores or you’re buying lingerie online in Canada getting the best for your buck.

Friendly reminder, these are not offered as family-friendly options.

Victoria secret angel. Guaranteed a more diverse representation than what we see every year on their runway. Yes, ladies, we went there, haha. That being said. The fun thing about this is it really allows you to experiment with as many choices as you would like. You could go with a straight from the screen dub or have a play at being a designer. Add on some wings and you are set to go. If the thought of being overly exposed doesn’t appeal to you then a fun but still hilarious cop-out would be an engraved silk or satin robe with the title Victoria Secret model, fun part is it will take the headache out of having to tell people what you’re going as.

An Angel/Fairy. Not quite the same as listed above, but an easy outfit would be a with lace or furry baby doll or chemise with the addition of wings and a halo. Also, a great choice for those who would like to go as a fairy simply ditch the halo! The great thing about angel outfits is that the use of white is often great enough to sell the image of what you’re going for. For a fairy, outfit white is not the only choice but more often than not lighter colors are associated with the look.

Devil/Demon. Nothing says electric, like red bodysuit lingerie or leather lingerie. Either or is perfect when dressing up to play creatures from the darker side. Some gore makeup and fangs-if you choose will make for a simple and exciting look.

Dominatrix. Another straight from screen idea is a Dominatrix, simply get your preferred dark-colored lingerie and toy of choice to complete the look. Now you are all set to tie up whomever you please.

And don’t forget to treat yourself with a piece of Erotic Lingerie or Elegant Lingerie coupled with a body harness fashion lingerie or body chain fashion lingerie!

Good luck!

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