Spy Games Role Play

There is something very sexy about a spy. They are usually masters of disguise, sneaky and coy and they might just be out to get you.

Many spy movies involve the hero getting seduced by the spy as a way of luring them into their lair. Sometimes the spy and hero develop feelings for each other. Other times the affair is just a way of the spy capturing the hero, but either way, the sex is always sexy and steamy.

If you and your partner are looking for sexual role playing character ideas you may just want to incorporate spy sex into your sexy role play.

To do this, one of you will pretend you’re the hero while the other will pretend you’re the spy. The spy can lure the hero into his or her lair any number of ways. Then they can have hot and steamy sex, and just when it’s time to relax, the spy can tie the hero up to capture them.

Of course, you may also consider tying up your partner before sex. In cases like these, you will want to lure your partner in and restrain them. This can be done with rope or handcuffs and blindfolds and gags are optional. You can even whip or spank them to punish them before having your way with them.

When it’s all over, you can leave them prone so that the bad guys can get them…or decide you have feelings for them and keep them for yourself.

Whatever way you decide to act out spy sex in your bedroom, it can be a lot of fun and it is a great way to enjoy BDSM sex. Where will your spy adventures take you?

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