The Naked Model Roleplay Fantasy

If you or your partner is an artist, this can be a great premise for a fantasy.

Sketching someone’s naked body can be very erotic and it can help you learn more about every inch of them and how to please them. To make things even more sexual, you can incorporate sexy role play and pretend that you are an artist who is meeting your model for the first time. The element of the unknown will take things up a notch.

As one of you sketches the other’s body, you can comment on their curves and the way they are formed. The talk you are using can become more and more erotic until the model is not the only one that’s naked.

Then the two of you can take it from there for what might be the most exciting sex of your life. It can be even more thrilling if you use the language you used during the sketching process describing the parts of the body and how they look and feel as you go.

Sexual role play character ideas can be great for bringing the spice back into old relationships and it can also help couples that are just getting to know each other tighten their bond. This artists and nude model scenario is a sexy and provocative one that might just do the trick. How will you be incorporating it into your bedroom play tonight?

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